Romantic Getaway to St. Lucia: 5 Amazing Experiences to Share with Your Main Squeeze

St. Lucia is known to be one of the most romantic destinations in the world, and even in the air as you approach by plane, it’s easy to see why. The island seems to reach up towards the sky; its shores guarded by two extinct volcanic vents called Petit Peton and Gros Peton. With this grand sight as your first glimpse, it seems St. Lucia was made for a romantic getaway for couples.

The next feature one usually notices is what’s covering St. Lucia’s interior. Not sugar plantations or houses, but a vast stretch of seemingly untouched jungle – a whopping 19,000 acres of it. This unspoiled beauty coupled with long stretches of beach and plunging waterfalls is a big reason many couples come here to celebrate being together.

Much like the scenery, St. Lucia’s luxury resorts are nothing short of magnificent. The island is a throwback to the old Caribbean, where movie stars and royalty flock to relax in relative obscurity for a short while. As such, this stunning locale has an enviable reputation for fine dining that blends delectable elements of French and Creole cuisine spun into unique dishes like peppermint stew and callaloo.

Does this wet your whistle? Well then, read on. We’ve rounded up the most memorable things to do in St. Lucia.

Lounge on the Beach

Depending upon your departure location, it’s best to take it easy the first full day you’re on the island. What could be better than spending an entire day doing nothing but soaking up some sun and sand!? At the secluded Anse Mamin, this one of many ideal places to laze away and sway in a hammock with your sweetheart. Spend a cozy afternoon taking in the sounds of the ocean waves with warm Caribbean breezes rustling the surrounding palm trees.

Anse Chastanet has silvery sand and is one of the best beaches in the southwest part of the island. Dotted with palm trees and surrounded by steep, forested hillsides, it is paradise personified and perfect for spending a few hours with your loved one.

Alternatively, Anse des Pitons has an amazing beach with white sand tucked between the twin Gros and Petit Piton volcanic peaks. And Reduit Beach, located on the north side of the island, is home to a long stretch of shimmering gold sand facing views of Pigeon Island. 

For our romantic getaway, we chose to stay at the luxurious Sugar Beach Resort nestled in between the iconic Pitons. The resort as a whole is a haven with beautiful gardens, unique landscape artwork and all the amenities you could imagine.  White sand was specifically shipped onto the property with a plenty of lounge seating setup for couples to lounge together. 

Explore the Pitons

A World Heritage site, the Pitons represent two volcanic spires rising from the Caribbean Sea. These magnificent wonders of nature are best enjoyed by both land and water. Take a boat ride as you gaze at the tall volcanic plugs, or snorkel in the surrounding waters filled with vibrant coral reefs with diverse marine life all around you. Or brave the strenuous hike to the top of Gros Piton, the taller of the two spires and lush with vegetation. Few dare to climb the smaller but very steep Petit Piton; it is recommended that you are a pro climber.

On the third day of our romantic getaway, my wife and I decided to tackle the Gros Piton. All the reviews stated that this would be a medium level, fairly strenuous hike. But we’ve done these type of excursions on previous trips so I thought nothing of it. Let me tell you…that was one of the most challenging hikes I’ve ever taken! Admittedly, I think it was the mix of altitude and conditioning that cause the struggle as my beautiful wife had no issues on the climb. And there there were a number of fellow hikers we passed going up and down. So I say this only as a word of caution. Make sure to bring ample water, good walking shoes and the will to reach the top because the views are well worth it!

Go on a Sunset Cruise

After surviving the hike and a little time to recuperate, we took a much less strenuous, but breathtaking sunset cruise before dinner. A romantic getaway isn’t complete without some time on water so experience the tropical island paradise of St. Lucia from sea. With the island as your background on a yacht or private charter boat, savor delicious hors d’oeuvres and sip champagne as you watch the sun dip below the water’s horizon on a romantic cruise. It’s so easy to slip to a corner of the ship alone together and remember why you fell in love in the first place. 

We had a great time sipping our cocktails, chatting with fellow shipmates and taking in the Pitons realizing just how much of an accomplishment scaling the Gros Piton was earlier that day. There was an extra surprise waiting for us beneath the water as a school of dolphins decided to greet us during our journey! Apparently, these intelligent amphibians are quite curious so they often love to follow boats skimming above the surface. Dolphins also like to swim fast so the wake of the boats helps them move at higher speeds  giving them a free ride of sorts. No matter the reason, it all added to the unforgettableness of the experience! 

Visit the Town of Soufriere

Whenever my wife and I go on a romantic getaway, we always try to fit in a visit to a local town to experience the everyday life of the country’s citizens. Soufriere is the small town we chose for a little shopping and sightseeing before an afternoon hike to Superman Waterfall. 

St. Lucia has a very storied past as an island that transitioned more than once between French and British rule during the 17th and 18th centuries. This unfortunately included a long history of slavery where Africans were forced to labor on plantations under inhumane conditions. Since the abolishment of slavery in the 1830s, Soufriere’s economy still relied heavily on agriculture until tourism came to St. Lucia in the 1960s. Now, the city serves as the home for many who work at the various resorts or tour companies near the area. 

While the city of Soufriere isn’t often seen as a primary destination by tourists, it is worth spending a morning or afternoon to visit the local market, check out the town square and grab some of the tasty local food. 

Take a Waterfall Hike & Get Muddy (a.k.a. Perfect Romantic Getaway for Couples Spot)

Based upon how my legs were screaming at me following the Gros Piton adventure, you’d think taking another hike the next day (or any day that matter) would be out of the question. Thankfully, the Superman Waterfall hike is much less strenuous and well worth including on your romantic getaway checklist. 

The 2 hour tour is filled with a host of beautiful scenery and horticultural education. Your guide makes stops along the way explaining the various flowers and fruit plants indigenous to the island. Ever try cinnamon bark straight off the tree!? Well, we did in addition to many other interesting things along the way. You really come to see how much of St. Lucia’s inland match the wonder of its sea-based attractions just in different ways.

The trek culminates in an amazing stop at the Superman Waterfalls. It earned its name from being chosen as a location for filming a scene in one of the iconic Superman movies. The waterfall is fed from the volcanic waters creating a mineral rich pool at the bottom. There is a mud bath close by where you can lather up to take advantage of is healing properties.  While I’m not usually into skincare rituals, I’d suggest diving in and giving it a try. Stealing a kiss under the waterfall is also a can’t miss for your romantic getaway.   

Toraille Waterfall and Gardens is another option near the town of Soufriere where you can explore a nature trail with quaint bridges and pathways leading you through a verdant tropical landscape. Take a refreshing dip under the Toraille waterfall that plunges 50 feet from a cliff into a pool with lush greenery. Make sure to wear a swimsuit at this location too, as dipping in the water is almost obligatory.

Make St. Lucia Your Next Romantic Getaway

Whether for a honeymoon, anniversary or simply a couples vacation, St. Lucia deserves a spot on your romantic getaway bucket list. We chose this beautiful spot to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. Past milestone anniversary trips have included the Big Island of Hawaii and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Both these places offered similar activities in inspiring settings. However, St. Lucia offered its own unique flavor in comparison to the others. The mix of French influence, warm culture of the St. Lucians, luxurious accommodations and diverse natural landscapes made this trip especially memorable.  No matter what your occasion, this island has plenty of ways for you to reconnect with the one you love. 

So celebrate your lives together in pure bliss on this gorgeously natural island far away from the everyday distractions, if only for a little while!

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